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First recall betting like Greece and the Roman Empire is estimated that the first betting rates appeared together with the first sporting disciplines. Then quickly came up with that specific events can be bet on this and still make money. Essence rates changed over the centuries. Then Do not bet money on material goods that have had their price. According to many historians of ancient Greece the first bid received during the first Olympic Games in 776 BC This fashion remained and continued, and during the reign of Rimko Empire.

Birthplace of modern betting bookmakers have England, and even the whole territory of the United Kingdom. At the beginning of the professional football league appeared personages who placed bets on sports . Over time, the number of such people increased, and some of them even started to earn money on them and decent. In 20th years of the last century there was a new profession - a bookie . After which they were based companies such as Ladbrokes and William Hill. Soon after these events, betting rates also become popular in Continental Europe. At the beginning of the company operating in Europe have a regional character, which was a result of the fact that in each state were popular sports are quite different, except maybe football and tennis.

Ground stations betting appeared as "mushrooms" not only in Europe but also the U.S., which affected the appearance of Major League Baseball and the NFL. Betting on American sports popularity hit record, and profit from the market endured several billion dollars. In the '90s came to revolutionary change. Globally, was launched online, which has become an ideal place for sports betting spread worldwide. Currently betting company transferred its activities to the Internet, which gives them unlimited possibilities, and began to create applications for mobile phones, phone, pad, tablets. Mobile betting and betting via the Internet together displace ground stations betting and it seems that year after year they have less.

All bets on this edition online sweepstakes are added together the total prize fund and then distributed among the winners, that is, those who have made the correct prediction and bet on the outcome of the faithful in most events. Odds in online sweepstakes depends on the number of bets on this outcome - the lower number of bids, the higher the ratio. Thus, making a bet on the match obvious outsider, meetings, races, etc., with the victory of the latter, you can tear a considerable sum. After all, few who dare to bet on the "dark horses", risking their own money. The winning, of course, depend on the number of correctly predicted outcomes, according to which the total prize pool is divided into several categories.