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Betting On The World Cup

The final day of the group stage of the World Hockey Championship will delight us with six matches. It is gratifying that the intrigue in groups survived until the very last day, the participants playoff undecided until the end. The most interesting from the point of view of the struggle for getting into the quarter-finals promise to be a match between Russia and Belarus, as well as Switzerland and Latvia. If Latvians, Belarusian's will be able to gain the victory, Team Finland for the first time in many years, would be out of the playoffs the world championship.

Latvian team is certainly a team-opening of the season. Wards Ted Nolan managed to get through to the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games, and now they are close to a repetition of similar achievements in the World Cup. Latvians have already beaten the, and now they have to turn the current vice-world champion. By the way, Switzerland is likely to withdraw from his vice-championship credentials on Tuesday, as the chance of reaching the playoffs the team Shaun Simpson not. Swiss players failed start of the championship, but in the end have not been able to catch up. Now their fate depends not only on themselves but also on other teams.

Even if Switzerland and keep the chances of continuing the struggle, then play against Latvians it will be extremely difficult. Latvian team - very strong and unyielding team with discipline and phenomenal will to win. Let's be honest, that playoff Latvia earned more than Switzerland. The names Swiss certainly surpass his rival, but as a team much stronger than Latvians. However, bookmakers give the team a significant advantage Sean Simpson. We do not share this position and believe that Latvians are quite capable to win in regulation time.

Confrontation geographical neighbors is very important tournament value. Even after the victory over Latvia, secured first place in Group B. However, the wards Oleg Nark not thought to slow down the speed, dry beating Germany's national team. Russians are immaculate in all lines, the team is awesome game balance. Goalkeeper Sergey Bob sky proves games for the national team that he obtained "Vein Trophy" last season - not just.  In the game against Germany "Red Machine" played in a power saving mode. Motivation to fight the Russians with Belarus will not be exact. Coaches certainly will conduct a serious of rotation.