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In the most popular active sports, rightly, considered baseball, basketball and, of course, football. Since such a big success of the sport from the people, respectively, it is one of the central objects for betting turnover for the year up to ten billion dollars, which is comparable with the budget of a small state. Betting on football is a huge part of the big gaming industry. Online betting company, always ready to take sports betting, which bring stable profit risky players.

The game contains many nuances to understand that far from the sports person will not immediately, but the general rules of the game are quite concrete and simple and allow us to make the right bets on Football. The game is played by two teams of 11 players from each. It should be noted that football, quite a tough game, but it is allowed an unlimited number of substitutions, therefore, as a rule, the team consists of 53 active players. Given the large team, there is a division within the team players on offense and defense team, at what each of them has their own coach who is responsible for the tactical side of the game process.

Each of the eleven players, has its own mission, among them are the four most pivot, which have a key task - it's kicker, tai-End Receivers and secondary is considered the most important quarterback. When playing, all eyes directly to him and to his game will largely depend on how rates will be distributed to football online.

The game begins with the ball is in play area, called this moment ETC then occur alternately attack opponents, their goal is to shift the ball into the playing area rivals. The game is not allowed sweeps and pulls enemies in a protective mask, otherwise there is no obstruction, the whole game has a pretty tough character, and this attracts many fans who bet on college football online. During the game, the opponents have four attempts to attack and move the ball, if successful, they added goggles and new efforts in defeat, the teams switch roles. Once the team as a result of coordinated action gets six points, she has a chance to get extra points. To do this, set the ball in the opponent's field by a line equal to two yards, then the opposing team has a choice to make a simple game, hitting the opponents' goal and get a one point or try to get to the endpoint and earn two points. Points can also be obtained by scoring a goal, without skidding ball playing zone rivals, it will be called field goal.