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Betting on sports and events, including political, very interesting pastime, especially if it can bring big wins. Bookmaker allows the player to bet on this or that event. If the player guesses the event, it receives prize depending on the amount and rate coefficient, which is tied to the event. This process is called wagering. Bookmakers young enough in our country, as they were banned in the Soviet Union. Only after the collapse began to develop rapidly.

Today, in order to bet on sports do not have to look for the nearest point of betting , to spend time traveling, fill the paper coupons , communicate with indifferent people - members of the bookmaker , and in addition to all be under the scrutiny of a large number of people. Thanks to the development of the Internet today, you can do sports betting at any time, sitting at home in warmth and comfort with a drink, where nothing distracts constantly watching the statistics and results , make online bets ( Live) in several events at the same time and in addition to all watch the games live on the sites of the bookmakers .

Proposals to make bets on the Internet every day more and more. Your favorite sport can bring you not only aesthetic pleasure, but also a decent income. Bets - an intermediary between people make predictions in the form of betting on the outcome of a sporting event. In fact, playing with a bookie , you find yourself in the same conditions, as the outcome of an event or who is not known beforehand. If your prediction proves correct, then the bookmaker pays you if the game is over, as predicted it your opponent, then, alas, you pay. But you have a huge advantage in the form of a choice of a large number of bets .

Creating a bet on the outcome of a particular event, the bookmaker offers certain factors , i.e. Your profit is equal to: rate, multiplied by a coefficient. For example, you put your favorite team to win 100 euros, while the coefficient on the outcome of this is two, then the income will be 100 * 2 = 200 euros. Just along with sports betting , many bookmakers have long offered such events as the " Eurovision ", political elections or predictions on who will receive the " Oscar ", and there are even suggestions and to forecast. But sport is an indisputable leader in the world of betting .