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"Formula 1" is considered a royal kind of racing. Formula 1 Betting popular because of its fame and entertainment, reach information about the people involved in it, and the likelihood of improvement soon cars getting the result. The popularity of Formula 1 provided enormous investments automotive companies incredibly developed speed and racing with a risk. It is considered the most expensive sport on earth, collecting numerous audience. Betting on the Formula 1 have the same bias.

On the outcome of competition may affect some of the reasons. Chief among them are the climatic and synoptic conditions, the selected pilot tactics, the presence of the safety car, a successful start, the presence or absence of technical problems during machine stops, mechanical damage, accidents, slips pilot. In addition, the cars on behave differently on different structures for the races: those who are speed by one, and those that are slow - differently. Management Effectiveness pilot machine at different sites can also be different. Therefore, to make bets on Formula 1 online with necessary knowledge of the matter and all the subtleties of the race.

To calculate the best riders will need to decide on the fastest team and find in it the fastest pilot. It is not easy and depends on many reasons that may affect the result set rates for motor sport. It is virtually unpredictable option; bet on competition winners - the probability of hitting a particular rider on the podium; bet on to finish the race - the number of pilots who reach the finish line, leaving the race halfway. In this case, the online betting company can offer coefficients depending on the weather conditions, more precisely humidity. It directly affects whether most of the riders reach the finish.

Besides, at this rate can affect the luck of the pilots bid for the presence of the safety car - whether in the presence on the race car, which is used in bad weather or customs after clashes in sports facilities for racing, bet on the fastest lap - to name the pilot, faster just past one round; rate at achieving or not achieving the finish racer - guessing the possibility or impossibility for the pilot to finish the race without going astray; bet on someone who above - the choice between the two pilots of the riders who finish first, bet on the points zone - definition of the first eight riders in the final classification at the end of arrival; bet on the first, left the competition ; rate by cars, not come down to the second round , a bet on the designer, who left the first race .