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Bookmakers have been around since the 19th century. Even in those times, people with money and high society fun betting on sports available. However, in the 17th century rich people betting on the outcome of the match fisticuffs. Progenitor of sports betting has become a shopkeeper from France Koehler Pierre (Pierre Older), who was fond of gambling, but a lot of losing. Koehler was innovative idea: players buy tickets unlimited number of bets on a particular horse, which they thought would come first. All the proceeds from the surcharge favor bookmaker majority of revenues shared between the owners of the winning tickets for the horse in relation to the number of tickets that were all participants on their hands. Such a system is called Pierre «pan mutual», which literally means "bet among themselves."

Perhaps, sports betting and world events are very popular in our country, because players get wins except entertainment. Basic rules bookmakers simple, because they offer a clear factor on the outcome of an event. This factor can not be changed in the future, so the player can feel calmer. Most bettors are betting on football, hockey, basketball, tennis, Formula 1 racing and so on. If a player made a bet on a sporting event and he was right, he gets the win (gain) depending on the ratio of the event.

Bookmakers try to present the player as much as possible the various events that can make a bet. lately began to appear bookmakers on the Internet , that is, the players now do not have to come to the bookie to make a bet on sports . All events and bets can be made right in front of your computer chair. However, all novice players should remember that a successful game must analyze each event to which you want to bet, but it is not as easy as it might seem.

If you want to play in the best foreign bookmakers, you need to have a way to transfer money there and take the win. One of the most common ways to make a deposit (payment) is to use a plastic card Visa Classic or MasterCard. We recommend using Visa, because Experience shows that it is preferable to MasterCard. To get this card, you need to go to the bank and ask for you to open the currency Visa Classic (select the currency or euros or dollars). When you make it (a few weeks), you can make at the box office this money to your bank account, and they will be available to you for rates.