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Volleyball as a sport dates back to 1895, which was an, who was a teacher of physical education in college youth Association of Christians in the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. J. Morgan was inclined to ensure that his students physical education classes enjoyable and entertaining spent time, so I decided to hang on the tennis net height of 197 cm, which threw the basketball through the camera unlimited number of his disciples. True first game was called "intoned", and a year later she was awarded a new name - "Volleyball". First volleyball rules were published in 1916. Since that time, and it's such a thing as betting on volleyball .

Volleyball - it's a sport that involves two teams of 12 players, with each team of six players compete on court divided by a special net, and each has its own sector, for which he is responsible, and six sitting on the replacement. Task teams is to the greatest possible number of times to send the ball to the enemy so that he took to the floor the opponent's court, the game is played to 25 points if it is indoor volleyball, to 21 points - beach volleyball . Playing volleyball is necessary to consider one rule - when attacking players of the same team can not touch the ball more than three times in a row. Volleyball 1964 is an Olympic sport . In fact, volleyball is not as easy as it seems, you have to understand that this is a unique game that requires a special and quite diverse physical training - jumping, coordination, reaction, physical strength to strike the ball and course coordination.

Volleyball - it's a team game, and in order to get your bets on the volley had success, you need to analyze previous matches , chosen volleyball team to produce better analysis of the last six matches, as you can understand what is physically fit team, also refer to the public opinion of professionals, coaches, the players on the upcoming match, and of course do not forget to view the statistical standings last season's volleyball teams, watch their composition - disqualification, injury, acquisition of new athletes, coaches replacement which composition plays - the main or spare that always affects the current game.

Characteristic plus volleyball from other sports - a low level of interest for European bookmakers , not every office incorporates employees highly skilled analysts in volleyball, and if you are an ardent connoisseur of the sport, do not wait and place your bets , because here you are much have more chance of getting a pretty decent profit, compared with other sports.