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There are numerous kinds program and for each of them at the bookmakers has its own sequence of actions. According to the most popular classification program divided into two types: organized and unorganized. program Fugitive Fugitive program occur without any agreement and are often natural phenomena. Thus players have become culprits program do not realize its importance in changing factor, and many of them do not even have a clue what program, and because of what he appears. program also unorganized and often involved professional players, who considered this factor "shaft".

Under the "shaft" means an overvalued factor to a specific event, bid on in the long term lead to the formation of profit. often unorganized program fall to favorites meetings and have no risk for gambling, and therefore the reaction to them is almost always restrained - the coefficient is reduced by one two points. And sometimes ignored altogether bookmakers program this nature, because even when setting the initial coefficient takes into account the possibility of a large number of bets. Guided program far bigger problem for bookmakers are organized program.

They are formed on the initiative of the players and gambling ivy reputable organizations, such as the information of the possible match fixing. program form also organized professional privateers and reputable sites forecasts. To program lead almost all valance, according privateers coefficients. Given that most buyers of expensive mailings forecasts are wealthy and education seriously enough program five or six such players.

Guided program radically different and have their own features that are well known to employees bookmakers think tanks, and the reaction to them should immediately. If with organized program bookmakers always maximally reduce procure hammy factor. Another standard feature is the reaction program organized several bookmakers, whose lines are beginning to change.

This is logical, as casinos, fighting for the overall safety, share information with each other about program. But, by the time the bookmakers react necessary actions, the majority of privateers and members of major syndicates have time to "catch" the shaft. It is for this reason that many players try to buy expensive mailing, because ahead of yourself experienced privateers having an expensive special software, and have time